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Vote Katy Westlund, Secure Hope For Farmers, Families, And Small Businesses.

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  • Families
  • Our Future
  • Farmers
  • Our Way of Life
  • Our Rights and Freedoms
  • Infrastructure
I will stand up and fight against special interests to give farmers the breathing room to weather this storm. Policies will be put in place for the next generation to work the land and provide the resources new farmers will need to be successful.
I will stand up for an effective government that works for the people while putting the kibosh on government overreach.  I will fight against corporate interference and the media, billionaires buying elections, and investors buying up Minnesotan properties.

A Request From Katy:Hello, I am Katy Westlund, funded by the people for the people, I am asking for your vote:

I am a proud Minnesotan, a mom, a wife, and a hard worker. I am the best choice to secure hope for our way of life, which is under attack.

I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up in a working-class neighborhood. My dad was a Vietnam Vet, a police officer, a firefighter, and a postal worker. My mom, the caregiver, stayed at home.

I am proudly related by blood and marriage to Gertken, Westlund, Lopez, Rodriguez, Aguirre, Larson, Bergquist, Fleischhacker, Utsch, and Mohs...if you grew up West of St.Cloud, we are probably related.

My husband and I have kids who enjoy helping grandpa at the Gertken Dairy Sales farm. My oldest boy is going to college to be a teacher.

I work for a Cyber Security Company called Netsecuris. Our team secures and saves the world every day by protecting our utilities and chemical facilities from hackers.

I have immense knowledge regarding cybersecurity, how hackers attack critical infrastructure.

I know what it is like to find a new home for an aging parent, deal with the medical system, and the joke that our healthcare system has become. I know what it is like to hold my child’s hand and be honest about how the world is changing. As a young mom, I had the choice, I chose life for my daughter for someone else to raise. I know what it is like to drive my children for an hour to and from school every day to ensure they had the very best public education. I know what it is like to fight to keep a failing school open and succeed. I have taken in women and their children fleeing domestic violence. I have taken in people who have suddenly found themselves homeless until they could get on their feet again. I have fought for environmental protections saving countless lives. A future farmer, part of a farming family, I know what a long, hard road to success farming is. As a grant writer, I have secured funds for the arts, health, and wellness for kids, fire safety in at-risk neighborhoods, and National Night Out festivities.

I am running on the DFL side, I have voted republican, independent, green party and I have some libertarian values. It is time to stop the gridlock of party lines and get stuff done!

All my experience in high stakes technology, disaster preparedness, the ability to act calmly during catastrophes, life experiences, and action towards accomplishing a better world adds up to the best candidate to represent you.

I am the best candidate to vote for, I will represent you in 13a as a democrat, I will be the one to call for issues you care about...vote Westlund, I am your neighbor in Paynesville, your friend, and quite possibly family too 🙂

In love and Solidarity,
Katy Westlund 13a

(If you stand and fight with me, please donate or volunteer. Together we can stand up and fight back, secure hope for our communities).

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