Agriculture and food are a big part of Minnesota: an economic powerhouse to our economy.

Farming families need sustainable markets, a fair share of the profit, sell, and process directly to the consumer, and the freedom to farm in the best way they see fit.

There are too many regulations making it impossible for large food consumers such as schools, hospitals, and nursing care facilities to buy direct from the farmer.

That means that the food becomes processed, and the profit goes to the food producer rather than the local farmer and their family.

Farming is hard work…with little benefit.  One bad year can bankrupt a small farmer.  

Farmer suicide rates have risen by 40% in less than two decades. (via CDC) tariffs, climate change, and healthcare costs are crushing the hardest working Americans.

Small farmers often work more than one job to get/pay for healthcare and the price eats up most profit.

Lower taxes and healthcare for farmers can alleviate stress and provide some breathing room.

Farming to put food on tables across the world and at home in America is one of the most important and noble professions. Our community farmers deserve better.  

Secure Hope for Farmers, Vote Westlund
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