I know what it is like to find a new home for my mom after she fell and never fully recovered her independence level.  Moving to an assisted living was devastating for her and difficult for me.

It was difficult visiting and seeing the various nursing homes struggling with staff shortages and funding to provide adequate care needed.

Our nursing homes need to be fully funded.

The caregivers and workers need to be paid a decent wage for the hard work they do…this is not the case.

Free education and certification through highschool trade training can alleviate the shortage of skilled caregivers and reduce young people’s debt.

Working in a caregiving field is hard work for low pay …adding college debt makes it nearly impossible to choose this line of work.

Which is why we need Unions.

I support the Unions and the people they fight for.

I will fight for policy on limits for a low patient to staff ratios.

Our loved ones, our elders, our most vulnerable are precious gifts who deserve a home that is well cared for. Treated with dignity and respect, and safe regarding medication, quality of life, being able to visit with family even during pandemics, and disasters beyond our control.

We all hope we will get to those golden years, ensure your health, wellbeing, and quality of life by voting Katy Westlund.

Vote Westlund, Secure Hope For The Golden Years

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