It’s simple: There is no planet B.

I have a friend who doesn’t understand this, or perhaps he doesn’t care.  Eventually, (he argues) the stuff he throws away…say 100 years from now will be like gold to find and use.  Sounds dystopian?  Maybe, maybe not.

There is no planet B.  (Have you ever seen the movie Elysium?)

I support getting the Minnesota goal of renewable energy faster than projected.

That will happen by bolstering green energy production, which will create new jobs.

If we put those energy systems in a separate microgrid for each locality, we will be more resilient—our communities will bounceback faster from disasters such as a hacker attack or natural disaster.

If you do not believe that climate change is real or that little changes do not add up to massive change, I suggest you learn more by visiting and learn why this is important for future generations.

Everything we hold dear is in danger of being lost, our homes to natural disaster, our food due to drought, our very freedom is at stake.

If you want action:

Vote Westlund, Secure Hope for our Future Generations, and everything that we hold dear.
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