My son pictured says:


My youngest sons use these words to describe me: Fearless, the no fun police, kind, caring, strong, experienced in being a mom, cooking, and computers.


Listed below are people I have worked with or known through the years:


Background: I empowered Vikki to stand up against all the odds in a very conservative board room to speak out and stop the closing of a school with a large ELL population. I took action that no one else could to keep Stride Academy School open: Thank you, Katy, for informing me about your beautiful boys and the other students who needed Stride to remain open. You opened my eyes to the truth that I needed to know before my final vote. Your spirit and energy to do everything you could to save Stride inspired me to work toward the same end. I was certain that God called me to do whatever I could to make a difference after you made the effort to come to my house to share the positive information about Stride.

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating the wonderful outcome for Stride. I hope you were finally able to breathe deeply, pat yourself on the back, and feel like the courageous woman that you truly are.

Take care and continue celebrating!!


Background: Godmother of my oldest boy: I will say that I’m PROUD OF YOU and your boys. I’m proud that you are a fighter, you’ve had to fight often for things in your life. I’m proud of your passion, to choose projects that are important to you & seeing it through. I’m proud of your heart, only people with big hearts can see the changes needed in our communities and step up to the plate to make those changes. And on and on, I could go on for days with this. But most of all, I admire your ability to have empathy for others. That’s huge. People these days are mostly concerned with their own wants and there is no compromising. (Merine)

Background: Sigrid is a rocket scientist (not kidding) with a child with the same cancer that my son had. Together, we worked long nights for years looking for a cure or the best treatment available: Katy is our hero. If it weren’t for her we wouldn’t have treated Ili…I am forever grateful and listen to everything she says 🙂 Sigrid (histio mama)  and: For the record, I’ve missed you on here. You are so freaking smart. smile emoticon Not that you weren’t here but you’re like a dog with a bone right now and you ALWAYS make me learn! Love you to pieces… (Sigrid a histio mama)

Background: Kate is a friend I met at a church conference, she became one of my best friends and also has medically fragile children. We have laughed, cried, and secured hope for our children to live the very best lives they can: I need a post-it (note) that says Katy is always right too. I have a beautiful friend who is full of passion and doesn’t just talk about change, she is making change happen for her children and mine. Katy, I’m inspired by you daily and a teensy bit terrified as well. From asking strangers not to litter to taking on big corporations. Katy, you are awesome, and you’re always right. 


 Background: Paul is important:“You are kinda a Big deal”  (Paul)

And you, Katy, are a Goddess… (Brownblake)

Background: Securing Hope means getting involved, empowering people to take action and telling them they rock when they do a good job… this person rocks: You rock too, Katy. Thank you for all of your community and social service efforts. You were the first face I saw at the local dfl convention fighting for Bernie..with big signs for various causes and delegating them to people who’s particular interest your signs caught. I will never forget this and cannot respect you more for fighting every day of your life for things to be right in so many different ways, and on so many different levels. . <3 (A Fellow amazing activist)

Background: Heidi is my niece and always votes republican, if she was voting in my district she would vote for me as a dem, not because I am her aunt but because we have the same values of freedom, liberty and love: I am proud of you too, you are a very strong woman and I am glad to call you my aunt! (Heidi)

Background: My friend was going through a mental health medical crisis, I intervened: My dear friend Katy beaded me this bracelet and brought it to me two Sundays ago. she also saved my life that day, helping me realize it was time to get some much needed help for my overwhelming depression. She just showed up and did the right thing. I love you girl (undisclosed)

Background: My chiropractor, a small business owner and a Republican: Keep doing what you are doing your actions to change the world are important stuff (Brian)

Background: A Democrat: I suspected that was the intent. I know you as a person of high integrity so that fits. 🙂 (Wayne)

Background: Michael A Fellow Candidate, Chair of SD 13: You are so (Vegan) doughnuts!…I know you are awesome! Your wisdom, values and warm heartedness = priceless (Michael)
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