In my day job, as a cybersecurity specialist: I work for Netsecuris.  My team and I help test, protect, and advise critical infrastructure entities like utilities, chemical facilities. 

Many citizens do not realize that our critical infrastructure is attacked daily by hackers, often hackers affiliated with other countries.  We are truly already in a WW3  being played out over the internet.

Why does this matter?

As Minnesotans, we are strong.  We live in a cold state for most of the year.

If the heat and lights go out due to hackers or natural events, it could mean frozen pipes or, in extreme cases, Death.

For resiliency, our utilities should be separated into microgrids, creating separation that could keep the heat and lights on in smaller rural areas.  

It is important to vote for people knowledgeable in cybersecurity; too much is at risk for our communities.

I will stand up and fight for highspeed internet competition, which will lower prices, raise expectations of speeds available.

In Paynesville, we may have hours up to an entire workday without the internet.  Unacceptable!  In order for us to compete and attract tech jobs which are typically well paying and beneficial for our community.  We need the internet to be reliable and fast.  Having competition between internet companies and the choice can lower prices for consumers.

With distance learning, it is now more important to make sure we have an internet that is reliable, fast, and cost-effective.

I stand up for Net Neutrality, which will prevent the free internet from becoming like the cable companies paying for access.   

Via Wiki: Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all Internet communications equally, and not discriminate or charge differently based on user, content, website, platform, application, type of equipment, source address, a destination address, or method of communication.  

An attack on Net Neutrality is an attack on freedom, liberty, and access for everyone.

I stand up for consumer rights, our rights to privacy, and our data that is already being collected and sold to the highest bidder.


Vote like the internet is in your house, watching your kids as they do homework, as you sit in your chair or make supper…because it is.
We need technologically advanced people who know what we are up against to be representing our community.
Vote for Katy Westlund, the smartest choice to secure hope for the struggles we are up against.
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