We need true leadership in times of crisis.  Vote Katy Westlund.

We are only at the very beginning of the COVID-19 Fallout. Our economy crash, job losses, and healthcare cost will break many of our fellow Minnesotans. 

I will be the leadership the House of Representatives needs to hold politicians accountable for their disastrous decisions.  I will be the adult in the room, reminding the career politicians that they work for us, they represent us… and we will not, as rural Minnesotans, allow them to wreck our way of life!


Politicians at the capitol will be held accountable.


What does “Secure Hope Mean?”

It means voting with the goals of:

  • Life, Liberty, And Freedom, Effective Government
  • Strong Independent Communities, Resilient Utilities
  • Lower Taxes For The People
  • Protection From COVID-19 Fallout, Healthcare, Jobs, Economy
  • Term Limits For Career Politicians
  • Strong Unions
  • Empower, Support Education, Teachers, Staff
  • Equity, Justice, Rights
  • Mutual Responsibility, Minnesotan Values
  • Safe Communities, Safe Homes
  • Protect Environment: Hunt, Camp, And Explore
  • Secure Reliable High-Speed Internet Competition

Most of all it means I will weigh my vote upon the question:

“Will this make lasting, concrete, meaningful change for our people in our communities…not just my city…but all 22 cities and townships.”

As of right now, I do not have leadership or representation at the capitol…I have politicians voting along party lines.

All of us can Vote NOW to end the representation we have now and secure hope for our way of life for future generations.

Vote Katy Westlund, Secure Hope for Farmers, Families, and Small Businesses.

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