Our Minnesotan way of life includes family gatherings, picnics, boating, fishing, exploring, and enjoying the great outdoors.

The great outdoors is truly in danger, and we need to step up.

Corporations are overstepping regulations, ignoring the courts, laughing at Native land treaties, polluting our land, water, and air. At the same time, the government and our current legislature are doing little to stop it.

There is no planet B with 10,000 lakes. There is only one Minnesota.

Minnesota is great. I have spent nearly my entire life here. It is tragic to see our loss of rights as Minnesotans.

The government is taking our rights away: growing and providing food for our families is a thing of the past.

Regulations restricting the sale of food from your own land is growing.

Restrictions on your land, where and how big a garden you can have… if you can have chickens or rabbits for meat.

Enforcement on such things. Waste of taxpayer dollars.

An honest effective government, not swayed by special interests is what Minnesotans need.

Secure our freedom to grow our own food, drink clean water, enjoy our lakes, cabins, and family gatherings by making corporations pay for their pollution, and stop controlling our government.  

Vote Westlund to Protect Our Way of Rural Life

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